How to Prep for Your Next Girls Night In or Out

Everybody deserves a girls night in with their friends. If you feel like the stress of day-to-day life is getting to you, then it’s probably a sign to call up your girls and plan a night to unwind and catch up. 

Although spontaneity will lead to a fun night and future stories to tell, it can’t hurt to plan out your night to save some time and money. Here are a few things to take care of before your next girls’ night out (or in)!

Figure Out the Guest List

Your girls’ night out should be an intimate gathering with your closest friends. Planning for a party is a different story altogether. Just find your closest gal pals and ask them when they’re free to hang out. 

Keeping the party small will let you all get the chance to interact much easier. It will also make catching up with each other’s lives more personal. 

Give It a Theme

The best way to get everyone pumped for girls’ night is to have a theme set for the gathering. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, just something all of the girls will appreciate and enjoy. It can be something simple like a colored theme and having everyone dress up in the same color.

Make sure you make the dress code abundantly clear – you don’t want everyone to mismatch. Don’t be afraid to get crazy with your theme. The more creative it is, the more the girls will look forward to the night.

Curate the Perfect Playlist

Set the mood with a fire playlist. Curate a set of songs that you all might enjoy or associate with memories of the past. Better yet, make it fit the theme of your party. It will help create an energized atmosphere to give your party guests a night to remember.

While you’re at it, why not invest in a karaoke machine? It’s a fun activity that will surely have everyone in a party mood in no time at all. Have fun belting out your old favorites–it will be a good laugh to keep everyone’s spirits up. 

Plan Fun Activities

Speaking of activities, no party would be complete without them. Give your girls’ night out some extra spice by planning activities that they won’t likely forget. Again, don’t be afraid to go all out on planning your party. These special occasions will soon be one of your fondest memories.

To make it extra fun, host some fun games for you and your girls to enjoy. Adult-themed card games are sure to be a crowd favorite and will help you forget the tension of work and stress. 

You can even go the extra mile and reward game winners with fun prizes. Anything, from a thoughtful gift to a gag gift, will leave guests with souvenirs to remember this night by. 

Don’t Forget the Food!

Everybody enjoys parties with good food. Make sure to hire the best caterers to keep everyone’s stomachs filled with laughter and delicious meals. Make it even more special by serving delicious cocktails for guests to enjoy.

Good food, good drinks, and good people are the key ingredients to a successful night out. Before hiring the caterer, ask everyone for their food preferences, allergies, or dietary restrictions. As much as possible, you want everything to go smoothly.


Planning a night out with your friends is a surefire way to destress at the end of a busy week. With these party tips in mind, call up your girls now to set it all up. 

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Published By Michael Casciello