Hiring Questions for an Asheville Personal Chef

If you’re sick of your own cooking and you’ve been looking for a new dining experience, you’re probably looking for a top-notch Asheville personal chef to spice things up in your kitchen. Whether you want to treat yourself after a long week at work or you want to celebrate a special occasion, hiring private chefs will give you the full restaurant experience in the comfort of your home. 

However, to make sure you find the right chef, you’ll need to get to know them through a few questions. When you find the perfect chef for your needs, you’ll then be able to relax, entertain your guests, and enjoy the celebration without worrying about what’s going on in the kitchen. Here are five questions to ask a private chef before hiring them:

What Kind of Cuisine Do You Specialize In? 

If you have a particular theme in mind for your gathering, you’ll want to make sure your private chef can cook the appropriate food. Don’t hire a private chef that doesn’t specialize in your favorite food or the cuisine you intend to serve. If you love tacos, then you shouldn’t hire a private chef renowned for their sushi. Although private chefs are known to prepare a wide range of delicious food, you’ll want to get a chef for their strengths. Asking them the type of food they specialize in will help you determine if the chef you’re considering is the right fit for your event.

How Long Have You Been Cooking?

You’ll only want the best private chef around, so it’s essential to make sure you understand what they can provide you. Ask them about their cooking experience, how long they’ve been in business, and what they’ve been cooking along the way. This question aims to determine the kind of food the chef can cook with their culinary skills. 

Are You Preparing the Menu?

Another vital question to ask the chef is the person responsible for creating the menu. If you already have a specific menu in mind, be sure to tell the chef and ask if it is feasible. You can also inform the chef of your expectations and let them prepare the menu. For instance, if you’re hosting a vegan dinner, be sure to tell the chef to prepare the appropriate dishes.

Private chefs can prepare the food in your kitchen or theirs, depending on your preference. Most chefs are more inclined to prepare the meals in your kitchen to serve the dishes while they’re fresh. In this case, ask them what they need, so the cooking process is seamless and efficient. 

How Do You Select Your Ingredients?

The success of a dish doesn’t just rely on its cooking techniques but the quality of its ingredients. For this reason, you’ll want to ask the private chef how they choose their ingredients and where they purchase them. Buying ingredients from a farmers’ market will make a marked difference in a dish’s taste and nutritional value than buying it from a supermarket, so find out where the chef gets their ingredients.

Can You Accommodate Food Allergies or Dietary Restrictions?

Lastly, ask the chef about their willingness to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies. If you’re serving multiple people, there’s a big chance there are a few ingredients they cannot eat. Should the chef be willing to tailor the food accordingly, they’re likely the right fit for your special event. Ideally, you’d want a chef experienced in preparing food according to different dietary restrictions.


An Asheville Personal Chef can make any event even more elegant and refined, allowing you to sit back and relax with your guests instead of scurrying to and fro, ensuring everyone is well-fed. By asking a private chef these questions, you can determine if they’re the right one to hire for your event.

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Published By Michael Casciello