Healthy Cooking and Eating in the New Year

Let me just preface this blog by saying I am NOT a certified nutritionist, only a Chef that has experience with various forms of dieting, healthy cooking and experimentation. There are a lot of you that want to start off the New Year with health in mind. I figured this will be a good template to get started with my own experience dieting and experimentation.

1. Healthy Cooking: Lifestyle vs. Diet

Let’s face it, no one enjoys “dieting” and we all need to come to terms that it is a word that suggests a “temporary” change. No one diets forever and if that is your goal then it’s a “lifestyle” change and NOT a diet. At a certain age, nutrition should be a part of everyones life at different degrees. Only YOU know your body best and how it reacts to certain foods. For instance, I am not gluten intolerant. However an excess of gluten in different forms makes my body feel bloated and not in tip top shape. I understand this and avoid gluten and carbs whenever possible. In fact, anything in excess can arguably have negative side effects. So in order to keep this very large (no pun intended) topic contained, let’s just narrow it down to my personal favorite diets and lifestyle changes.

2. Personal Best Health Results

I hate dieting and I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart. This is not easy but it’s effective. So my preference is to get it over as quickly as possible with the results I desire. I always start by setting my weight goal. I combine two different diets, Keto and Intermittent fasting. Separately, each has many benefits. But together, you’ll shed weight faster than you can imagine. As far as the intermittent fasting, it’s more along the lines of “the warrior diet”. So basically I only eat between the hours of 4pm-8pm and as far as what I consume, it’s some fats, vegetables and NO carbs. I’m still able to drink my (black) coffee in the morning which is clutch.

3. Hire a Personal Chef to Assist

Our Private Chefs are trained and have a ton of experience in tailoring meals to diets, preferences and allergies. Check out their menus and make any modifications in “Step 5” of the reservation process. And if you’re looking for an introduction to healthy cooking and different recipe ideas, check out our cooking classes. You can have a Personal Chef teaching you in your home, using your kitchen and equipment. There’s no excuse after this point.

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