Healthier Meal Prep: 4 Tips to Prepare

Healthier meal prep doesn’t have to be hard. Living a healthier lifestyle often involves several adjustments. Besides getting more exercise, it means radically shifting your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. Although

the convenience of instant and processed foods can be incredibly tempting, it takes an
incredible toll on your body, leading to health problems.

Fortunately, preparing your meals beforehand can help you curb your calories while eating
healthier meals. It also allows you greater control over portions, ensuring enough nutrition in
every bite. Here are four tips to prepare more nutritious make-ahead meals:

1. Plan Ahead (with a recommended weekly healthier meal prep breakdown)

Planning meals for the week can feel overwhelming, so it’s easier to do it in steps. Search
online for a meal plan and format to guide you as you’re exploring the methods that best fit you.
Make sure to cook foods in bulk, so it’s easier for you to portion it out later. To make things
easier, buy all your groceries in one day and cook them all in the next. Ensure that you make
enough to sustain you for the first three to four days of the workweek.

Don’t pressure yourself about sticking to a set of foods each week. Change it up from time to
time by checking out the local farmers’ market for seasonal and fresh ingredients. You’ll also
want to invest in a food scale, which will help you keep track of your protein portions.
Here’s a breakdown of recommended foods to consider for your weekly meal prep:
● Three animal proteins (not just meat—egg counts, too!)
● Three kinds of vegetables that you can use for salad toppings or side dishes
● Two starchy carbs, like quinoa
● One lettuce blend base
● One homemade salad dressing

2. Arrange an Assembly Line

Now that you have your ingredients, it’s time to put them all together. Arrange them into an
assembly line using your food storage containers to make it easier for you to mix and match.
You can start by preparing your lunches by taking the big lettuce blend base and peppering it
with the prepared salad toppings. Throw in an animal protein for a well-rounded meal.
Make this arrangement for each meal of the day unless you prefer to cook your breakfast. If you
have any extras, save them for a dinner side dish. The only thing you’ll have to do next is to
prepare a new protein!

3. Turn It Into a Project

If you’re worried about getting tired of preparing make-ahead meals, try analyzing the way you
approach it. Although you have a busy schedule, it will help to approach it as a project instead                                                      of a chore. It’s a fun way to provide yourself with the nutrients you need to be healthy and fit,
which deserves your time and attention.

Approaching it as a project also helps you feel more excited about it. You’ll feel more open
about trying new dishes and incorporating exciting ingredients, which will take you further into
the culinary world. You’ll be providing yourself with your very own in-home chef experience!

4. Ask Your Parent (Or Grandparent)

If one of your parents or grandparents loved to cook, they might have some insights to share
with you and help you prepare your meals more efficiently. They’ll probably have some secrets
to make a meal more delicious, or a technique to cut certain fruits or vegetables more efficiently.
Whatever the case, you’ll learn invaluable methods from them that are sure to elevate your


Eating healthy food is an essential component to staying well. Some people think that eating
more nutritious meals is limited to salads, but there’s so much more to explore in the exciting
world of healthier meal prep. Now that you know how to prepare healthy make-ahead meals, you’ll be
well on your way to enjoying a healthier lifestyle.
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Published By Michael Casciello


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