Having an Upscale Dining Experience at Home

5 Tips for Having an Upscale Dining Experience at Home

Dining out is a lovely way to end the day. From ambiance to cuisine, restaurants pull out all the stops during the dinner service, perfect for customers who want to take a short break from the daily grind. Although having a restaurant date can be challenging today, you can recreate the upscale feel. Have you ever thought of having an upscale dining experience at home? Here are a few tips for having your own five-star experience without stepping out of your door.

Be intentional about the menu

It would be nice if you had a theme for your menu. Have all Japanese courses, or all Italian ones, or select a fusion of international dishes that work well together. Hiring a private chef for your event could minimize the time you spend coming up with a plan.

Aside from the food, you must also consider the wine. It does not have to be expensive, but it should match the food you will serve. Spend a couple of minutes reading through typical wine and food pairings, or ask for suggestions from your chef.

Recreate a restaurant atmosphere

Dim the lights, curate a playlist and create the perfect restaurant atmosphere at home. Use linen, like tablecloths and placemats, to dress up your table. If you can, put a table runner and napkins as well.

If you have them, use fine china or dinnerware; since you’ll be serving something special, go all out and put your food on your best plates. If you are hiring a private chef, you could also ask if they can bring cutlery, plates, and serving platters.

Print out menus and place cards

If you want to take it even further, you can print out menus for your courses. Customize it by including trivia about each course, or about the main ingredients. Aside from printing out the list, you can also have place cards for your guests. Print out your guests; names on card stock, secure it with a small object in line with the theme, and place it on or near their dinner plate. Place cards add a touch of elegance or whimsy to any table.

Decorate with flowers and candles

After linen and place holders, you could incorporate flowers in your table setting. Even a single vase is enough to liven up a space. If your local grocery does not have flowers, you can pick some from your garden, or gather bunches of greenery and arrange those into a centerpiece instead.

If you are not fond of flowers, you can use candles as your table's focal point. Gather unscented candles of various sizes and place them where you would put a vase. Aside from making your table more beautiful, candles and low lighting put diners in a relaxed mood, which increases their satisfaction.

Hire a private chef

Since you want to recreate a dinner out, why not hire a personal chef? You do not want to be slaving over a hot stove, preparing for a dinner you will attend. Save yourself the hassle and get a professional who can whip up a multi-course meal creatively.

When choosing a chef for your event, look at their culinary background, their references, and testimonials from previous clients. Consider as well where they are coming from, whether or not they need refrigerator space, and how skilled they are in the type of cuisine you want for the evening.


Although dining out at a restaurant is still one of the best treats you can give yourself or your loved ones, it is possible to recreate this at home. With creativity and some planning, you can have a memorable evening and indulge a little in the comfort of your own home. 

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Published By Michael Casciello


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