Give the 2020 Gift of a Private Chef Experience

Holiday Gifting Dilemma. It’s often a challenge to find the perfect gift for that special someone. We’re on board with those who believe unique experiences rather than more things are the best gifts.

We offer 2020 gift certificates for a private chef family dinner after the holidays. What a treat to look forward to a special family occasion in January. Or give the gift of a private chef 2020 party with friends in the new year.

, Give the 2020 Gift of a Private Chef Experience

A Memorable Experience. From start to finish your private chef 2020 experience will be fun and positive. Your chef works with you to design the menu. Chef does all the work–planning, shopping, cooking, serving and cleanup.

Your chef chats with your family and friends while preparing their meal—answering questions and demonstrating professional cooking hacks. Everyone will remember this experience.

Entertaining at Home. Entertaining at home with a private chef is more intimate, relaxing and affordable compared to a restaurant. At home you’ll eliminate the noise and competition from other diners, and the large bar bills with restaurant markups.

, Give the 2020 Gift of a Private Chef Experience

In your home, there’s more opportunity for guests to casually move about and have relaxed conversations together. Watching and chatting with your chef is a truly memorable experience not available in restaurants.

Learn How You Can Gift A Private Chef Experience. Give us a call so we can discuss what you’re thinking and how we can help.


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