Favorite Dinner Party Themes for 2021

Dinner parties are excellent venues for people to gather, talk, and bond over food. However, there are instances where even though the food is excellent, people are not enjoying the vibe they’re getting. Therefore, it’s time to plan for one of our favorite dinner party themes for your significant other, friends, or family members.

By following a theme, you’re making dinner parties better. You can choose the menu according to the theme, design the place based on the theme, and make other theme-related gestures that your guests may enjoy. Are you looking for ideas? Here is part one of the dinner themes you can try at home!

Brunch for Dinner?

Brunch is great. Mixing two meals in one has always been a great idea. But have you heard about having brunch for dinner? For a more non-traditional dinner, why not serve brunch to your guests. But the catch is everyone can have drinks during dinner brunch! It’s always a great idea to spice up the night with a few drinks after a good set meal.

To turn the night up more, why not make dinner spa-themed? Invite your guests to wear their robes and slippers instead of the usual formal attire. Serve champagne, citrus, and cucumber-infused “spa water” and a tasty menu filled with brunch-type items that are perfect for the night’s theme.

For the menu, consider having the usual brunch items gourmet style. Think about gourmet Belgian waffles with many delicious toppings and unique syrups, such as passion fruit puree or elderflower-infused maple syrup. Of course, alcoholic beverages will be right around the corner and may include prosecco, sparkling wine, or champagne. Who says breakfast, lunch, or dinner can’t be all at the same time?


Are you daring enough to wear a Hawaiian-inspired outfit to dinner? Then the Aloha theme should fit right in! To prepare, contact a local florist who can arrange you with fresh flower leis to compliment the ensemble. Welcome your guests with half a coconut served with a tiny umbrella straw.

Don’t forget to invite everyone to wear their best beach attire—Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. If possible, craft a cocktail menu that features delicious rum drinks, such as ChiChi, Blue Hawaiian, Lava Flows, Mango Martinis, and Mai Tai!

Despite being a dinner party, Hawaiian food is traditionally casual and straightforward. However, it can also be dressed up to the nines for specific and special occasions. For the menu, the quintessential Kalua Pua’a or Hawaiian roast pig should be present on the table. A whole roasted suckling pig is always a showstopper. Round up the menu with traditional macaroni salad, white rice, poi, roasted Moloka’i or purple sweet potatoes, and Haupia for desserts. You can substitute the roasted pork with Nut-Crusted Mahi Mahi Fish or Sweet and Spicy Huli Chicken for those who don’t eat pork.

Throwback Thursday

For the last theme on the list, we’re bringing the ‘70s and ‘80s back! It’s time to turn up the disco music and have fun with a retro-themed dinner party to remember.

For the designs, it’s an excellent idea to bring bright colors and tons of polyester, crushed velvet, or taffeta. Meanwhile, the menu should include retro food and cocktails to match. Think big and reach out to a local party store to inquire about retro dishes and glassware to add to the experience. Lastly, serving casseroles, deviled eggs, rumaki, and more can bring the decades back. Throw anything matching the years, and you should be good.


Dinner parties with a twist will always be great. Ask your private chef to whip up delicious meals based on any of these favorite dinner party themes! Stay tuned for part two as we share more ideas on how to throw the best dinner ever. 

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Published By Michael Casciello