Etiquette at Dinner Parties: 3 Simple Tips

Eating evolved from being an act of survival to becoming a highly social activity, bringing people from different cultures together at one table. People from all walks of life may have different tastes, but everyone enjoys having a gastronomic experience when it’s time to dig in. Etiquette at dinner parties shouldn’t be overlooked.

That’s why dinner parties have become a colorful affair in different social settings, whether for business or personal. But since it also involves breaking bread with unique individuals, table manners become even more necessary to ensure everyone can have a pleasant dining experience. 

Basic Dining Etiquette You Should Know

Always Let the Host Be In Charge

Whether it’s a business meeting or a casual setting, it’s always polite to let the host lead the event when attending dinner parties. Wait for the host to suggest the flow of the party, from when it’s time to eat to moving to the next course. 

As a host, you should take the first step and guide your guests, including the “logistics” of the meal. This means the host will be directing guests to their seating and recommending the best-sellers in the menu according to their preferences.

Know the Proper Locations of the Utensils 

When setting down the dinner table, the utensils’ location plays a critical role in establishing the formality of the event. For formal occasions, always place the food items on the life side of the plate with your forks. On the other hand, drinking glasses should be on the right, along with the knife and spoon. Think of it this way: the left has four letters, just like “food” and “forks.” Similarly, the word right has five letters the same way as “drinks,” “glass,” and “spoon.” 

Always Offer to Help Host Clear the Table 

Once the dinner party is over, it’s always a good idea, plus an impressive show of character to offer help to the host. Eating and running can seem rude, so always strive to extend gratitude to the host by helping them clean up after the event. 

The Bottom Line: Taking a Bite Out of Table Manners You Should Know 

Everyone is free to dig in and enjoy a feast, but coming to the table with manners at the forefront of your mind ensures no one is left with a sour taste in their mouth. Honing your etiquette at dinner parties is even more critical when dining in professional settings, so don’t let your eating habits take the fun out of dinner parties. 

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Published By Michael Casciello