Easy Tips to Make Healthier Fried Food Without Oil

We can all agree that fried food is unhealthy. We all adore the gastronomic sensation of fried and breaded foods because of their crunch and peppery flavor. Because we enjoy it so much, fried foods are sure to stay. However, it’s essential to keep our diets in check. 

After all, a heavy amount of fried food can wreak havoc in our guts and digestive systems, which may cause circulatory body issues. Perhaps there are better methods to fry our foods and consume them in a much healthier way. Here are some easy tips to make healthier fried dishes without using too much oil!

Cook Your Own Meals

No, we’re not telling you to stop ordering from restaurants. Although, cooking your own food for yourself or your family allows you to control what you eat. You’re free to adjust the frying time, the temperature, and fully know the ingredients in your kitchen. 

Use 100% Pure and Clean Oil

Although clean oil can be reused, it is recommended that it only be used once. Olive oil can be used three times in most cases, whereas sunflower oil can only be used twice. Cooking changes the chemical composition of the oil as well as the food we prepare. So when preparing your own food, filter the oil and avoid mixing it with other oils.

Cooking and Frying without the Use of Oil

Using oil to cook can help you achieve crispy and juicy results. Instead of frying, bake your dish and fry it in the oven as a healthier alternative. So if you have a small kitchen, an oven is handy because it can be used for multiple purposes, saving you both time and money. An oven is simple to clean and allows you to cook for more than one or two people, which is useful if you have a family.

In addition, an air fryer can be used without the use of any oil. It is thought to work the same way as a deep fat fryer but using convection oven technology. They are available in various sizes and may be a good choice for families that enjoy frying but wish to keep their cholesterol levels low.

Keep It at Ideal Temperature

Be careful not to burn the oil if you’re using a skillet or a fryer. The ideal temperatures are at this range: 180°C for meat and 160°C for vegetables. A food item that is fried too quickly in too much oil will have an almost uncooked interior. Use a wooden stick to test the oil temperature in a skillet, as the temperature may be altered with a deep fat fryer. 

When you notice bubbles when you place the uncooked food in the oil, it is ready for cooking. Fortunately, this will not be a problem because there are hobs accessible that can reach the correct temperature for frying and preserving food.

Reduce Your Salt Intake

Frozen and fried dishes are regularly paired together at home. Because they mostly contain preservatives and an overabundance of sodium, they prove to be harmful to our health in various ways. 

Moreover, your body adjusts and creates a taste for salty foods over time. So while you might not think it’s required right now, it should be a must to make efforts to minimize your salt intake while it’s still early.

Cook with Ingredients of Superior Quality

Quality ingredients make a difference in cooking since they add more flavor and nutritional value to your dishes. For example, prefer to buy seasonal produce from your local farmers’ market. As such, deep-frying may become an art form with the correct materials and vegetable oil.


Perhaps fried dishes do not always imply harm to our bodies, especially when we use premium ingredients, clean oil, an air fryer, and such. So if you like to eat fried foods just as much as we do, kickstart your new diet and employ these tips to your lifestyle. 

This way, you can enjoy and indulge guilt-free. With responsible food consumption and a balanced diet, you deserve that crispy and crunchy texture even without deep frying. However, if cooking isn’t for you, keep in mind that private chefs are always ready to make healthier fried dishes for you!

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Published By Michael Casciello