Chef Shayna Hamidi

Chef Shayna Hamidi

"Let me bring the knowledge and experience I've gained from my travels and working for amazing chefs to the comfort of your home."

My name is Shayna and cooking has always been my passion. Growing up in California, I had access to amazing ingredients and restaurants, and spent time working in bakeries. After graduating with a Food Science degree, I went abroad to Paris and London to study at Le Cordon Bleu. What a wonderful experience that was! I learned all about french techniques and enjoyed every minute of it.

After graduation, I was off to New York where I got to work at one of April Bloomfield’s restaurants, The John Dory Oyster Bar, offering some of the best seafood I’ve had the privilege to work with. Then I moved to Chicago, whose food scene is phenomenal. I worked for two top chefs there as well as many other talented people, spent 3 years in Italian restaurants, worked in a pie shop, and expanded my knowledge on food and cooking more than I could have hoped.

I have spent many years in this industry, and my love of creating and sharing delicious food has only grown over the years. Now living in Charleston, I understand what true hospitality is and only wish to spread it further.

Cuisines: Asian Fusion, French, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Southern

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