Chef Megan Mack

Chef Megan Mack

Coral Springs
"Where Good Food Meets Quality And Passion"

Chef Megan was born to create! As a young girl, I was inspired to cook by my grandmother. Since the age of 9 or 10 years old, while my mom was working long hours in executive roles, I simply wanted to help around the house. I began to find myself cooking meals for my little sister and I, then eventually, I became really, really good at it. By 13, I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Upon receiving my B.S. in Hospitality & Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales, I began to master crafting homemade meals with a variety of spices to create explosions of flavors you won’t forget. Chef Megan is an award-winning Chef with regional recognition, Onyx Magazine-Orlando, FL., experienced with serving high-end patrons in 5-STAR restaurants and Private Chef service. to High-Net-Worth clients, guests, and family members. She is an energetic, passionate, and creative chef experienced in serving small and mid-size groups 2 to 50, customized meals from American to Exotic cuisine inclusive of vegan cuisine. Cooking is an art to me. My goal is for you to experience my passion and creativity, then come back for more. From American (casual/formal) to Italian to Southern to Latin American, I deliver delicious food that will leave you with a taste to remember.

Cuisines: American, Anniversary, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Local, Seafood

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