Chef Amber Cate

Chef Amber Cate

"Every Good Memory Starts With Great Food"

Cooking was my first true love.
-Recognized at age 18 for exceptional pastry work.
-Recognized for volunteer work teaching culinary skills to students.
-Achieved Executive Chef at age 23.
-Participated in development of advanced culinary skills curriculum for students.
-Culinary Arts AAS from AB Tech
-2018 Mystery Basket Competition- 1st place winner
-2019 WNC American Culinary Federation chapter officer.

Cooking is the only thing I’ve ever really done for work. I happened upon a summer job as a prep cook at the local country club and just never managed to stop cooking. Currently age 25, I have participated as the opening Executive Chef for 3 restaurants, I have also consulted for the rebranding and opening of two others. I believe in vibrant, bold, and flavorful food that makes a statement with just a touch of whimsy and some charm to boot. While I enjoy learning and exploring all cuisines, my focus is a healthy combination of Mediterranean and New England/New American, though admittedly, being a Chef in the south, I can make some mean southern food with a colorful twist.

Cuisines: Asian Fusion, Breakfast/Brunch, French, Greek, Italian, Local, Southern

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Reviews (5)

Kerry O'Connell
Kerry O'Connell
Sep. 21, 2021

Amber was amazing to work with. Accommodated dietary restrictions, was very easy to work and communicate with.

We had a tour to make and she was speedy and helpful. Would def hire again! And the food was delicious – everyone was thrilled.

Pauline Eichler
Pauline Eichler
Sep. 13, 2021
Fantastic Dinner

Wow! Chef Amber was incredible. We were a large group and I know that can be difficult to accomodate for but she was perfect. We did family style and all the flavors were bold and delicious. Would highly recommend. The company was also very easy to work with. I love how I can chat and get an immediate response at all times for my questions! Great experience.