Best Stay at Home Night with the Girls

The best stay at home night with the girls isn’t hard to find. These past couple of months have been tough recently, making a proper girl’s night out long overdue. However, with increasing prices in the clubs, venues with few activities to offer, and the restrictions in public spaces, it can be a little hard to imagine stepping even a foot outside.

Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with the choice of forfeiting the party. A girl’s night in can be just as fun with a little bit of planning and preparation. Here are a few steps that will create the perfect house get-together.

Creating the Guest List

One of the most important questions to ask when party-planning is who you’re going to invite. You may have tons of acquaintances who want to come to the party.  However, it’s better to keep the circle a little smaller. It can be tricky if you’re introducing too many people to each other at once. Fewer people often means everyone can talk and get to know each other a little better. 

Picking a Great Theme

When you have the invitations sorted out, it’s time to get on the grand theme that you want the party to be about. This can be as creative or as lax as you want it to be. You could even base it on a particular occasion coming up or an experience you all shared.

Picking a theme will let you choose a direction you want the party to go in, what possible outfits everyone’s going to come in, and the activities you’re going to set up. Best case scenario: everyone has a onesie on throughout the night.

Drinks and the Entree

It isn’t a must-have for everyone to go and get drunk for the girl’s night in, but a bit of cocktail and booze can help everyone loosen up and relax a whole lot more. Just remember to leave some non-alcoholic drinks for your girls who aren’t all too wide. 

Don’t forget the appetizers and main meal that you’re all going to have. Private chef caterers can help plan and take care of this for you so that you have fewer duties to attend to during the actual night, keeping you stress-free as you lay back to eat a few potato chips or more.

Choosing the Best Tunes

Music is vital to keep the ambiance up and alive, even if it’s just background sound during all the gossip. There may be a soundtrack your group loves, or you all have a favorite artist that you all can’t get enough of. Whether it’s music you can dance to or just some songs you can chill out to, just be sure to make a little music mix you can play and shuffle through.

Preparing the Activities

It isn’t too ideal to brainstorm what you guys are going to do only when you’re finally there, so be sure to prepare activities that you can do earlier. You can be a little flexible and provide options, such as watching your favorite set of movies, some board games to play, or cards for gambling. 

Ending On a Sweet Note

The best way to finish off the party after a hearty meal and lots of good laughs is with a nice dessert. Be sure to get everyone’s preference and pass it on to your caterers so that they will know what to prepare. If everyone loves chocolate, a family-sized lava cake and vanilla ice cream may be in order. 


You don’t need to head out just to capture a fun bonding experience with all the fantastic ladies in your life. Your own personal room service for the night, best friends, and fun pastimes are all you’ll need. 

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Published By Michael Casciello