Best Practices to Entertain During a Pandemic

What are the best practices to entertain during a pandemic? Well one of the trickier things during the Covid-19 pandemic has been to keep yourself and the people around you entertained. No matter where a person is located, the instinct to be social is inherent. 

At this point, social distancing and lockdowns have been in place way too long. It’s key for everyone to be able to contribute to help with the rates of infection lowering. However, it’s just as key to retain some sort of normalcy in life, like calling for a private chef and treating a few loved ones to a nice dinner.

What are some of the best practices to entertain in a safe way amidst COVID-19?

  • Maintain cleanliness the whole time

This should probably go without saying, but it’s very necessary to wash hands with soap and water! If you don’t already have a handwashing station set up, you should get right on that. This way, people will be able to use it as soon as they arrive, and periodically during the time you’re all together. 

Make sure there’s a decent supply of paper towels that are single-use on hand, and make sure there’s a recycling bin where people can toss used paper towels immediately. For something a little less basic and a little fancier, mini bottles of hand sanitizer will make great and practical giveaways.

  • Make sure the gathering is intimate

Smaller groups are still the ideal choice if there really has to be a gathering done. Having more people over means more chances of transmission. If possible, limit the attendees to the ones living in the same household. Or, you can invite people who you know are only interacting with you. 

Are you fully vaccinated already? That’s all well and good, but not everyone else is just yet. So treat everyone, even people who are close to you, as potential carriers of the virus. This precaution is especially important if you have seniors or people with comorbidities around. Everyone wants to have a good time, and you don’t want to ruin that just because you’ve let your guard down.

  • Hire a private chef

When you’re preparing the food and entertaining guests at the same time, it’s possible to disregard hygiene since you’re juggling two tasks at the same time. For example, you may be checking your phone to give directions to your guests while marinating meat. Mobile phones are hi-touch surfaces, and you don’t want to contaminate the food you’ll be serving to your guests.

To avoid this scenario, hiring a private chef is the way to go. They are not only skilled in whipping up a sumptuous spread for your intimate gathering, but they’re also trained in proper food handling. You can be sure that they will prioritize cleanliness before, during, and after food preparation. 


Given the coronavirus pandemic, entertaining people can be quite tricky. However, it’s key to have some sort of balance and normalcy. This can be achieved through a small lunch gathering with a private chef. In order to get things done safely, it’s important to stay clean and make sure the gathering is intimate.

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Published By Michael Casciello