A Personal Chefs Toughest Critic: Children

A Personal Chefs toughest critic is sometimes the children. Among all other things, raising kids can easily prove to be one of the most difficult yet fulfilling experiences in the world because of how challenging some milestones can get. Although most
people may think that raising a little one into the world can be a magical and fantastic
experience, the reality is that things can get pretty ugly quickly.
Compared to other hardships in life that manage to feel methodical at turn because you know
what to expect, children are arbitrary in every way possible. On some days, things like teaching
your child to ride a bike and play well with others can seem like easy-breezy experiences.
Conversely, experiences will eventually harden (which is most of the time) where discipline is
needed for certain tasks like potty training and counting.
While there are many different things that you’re guaranteed to struggle with as you teach your
child new things that they can enjoy, the biggest challenge can often come with food.

Are children the toughest food critics?

What’s the one thing that children and other professional chefs have in common? Here’s the
answer: they are all picky with the food that they eat—except that little kids don’t know the
dimensions of flavor (other than “yummy” and “yucky”).
You may understand by now that nutrition has lots to do with ensuring that our bodies grow and
develop as well as they should. However, most parents need to realize that kids don’t see value
in eating food that they don’t like, even if these dishes and snacks will pay off in the long run.
Looking to improve your child’s relationship with food? Here are some ideas to consider
Currently, you might be struggling with your child’s hunger pangs and stubbornness because
vegetables and fruits don’t come in the same attractive packaging as candies and chips. Yet,
you’ll quickly realize that you’re at war with the possibility of your child developing bad eating
habits while stunting their growth and development, which is why their relationship with food
must be addressed. Sure, it may seem like encouraging a child to have a healthier relationship
with food is easier said than done.
Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about any further problems because these neat little ideas
can work wonders in making your little one eat better:

Idea #1: Make-believe

Since children don’t have tastebuds that are refined as adults, it is easier to trick them into
eating their leafy greens by tapping into their imaginations. When you bring your children into
the land of make-believe and pretend their healthy dishes are “power-ups” that need to be
eaten, it will be much easier to foster good eating habits!

Idea #2: Personal chefs

As much as we’d all like to admit that we’re great cooks, it’s important to remember that what
tastes good for us may not be the same for our children, especially when it comes to healthier
ingredients. Thankfully, letting Food Fire + Knives’ in-house experts help you out will allow you to
figure a workaround for the problem without risking the possibility of worsening your child’s
relationship with good food!


Out of all the tenets of parenthood that can prove to be the most complicated experiences in the
world, none are as challenging or demotivating as making a child have a healthier relationship
with food. Thankfully, using the two ideas mentioned above will make it easier to help your kids
start eating the way they should without having them resent you or any other meal you put out!
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