Amazing Summer Wines to Pair with Your Private Chef’s Menu

As professionals, we are always on the go just to meet our daily tasks. Most of the time, we forget how to savor the simple moments. Its time to have a good meal in the morning or dinner with our loved ones. The pandemic took away our reasons to rush in the morning. We were taught to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. How about some amazing summer wines?

The lockdown also stole your chance to enjoy summer the way you used to.  You might try to come up with ideas to still make the most out of it. Drinking wine is a form of relaxation for many after finishing a ton of work. You may usually have wine with your date in a fancy restaurant or alone at home, so why not add a twist this summer? How about trying new wine that complements the season and the most palatable cuisine from the best private chefs in town?

In this article, we will share five amazing summer wines to pair with your private chef’s menu:

Riesling describes Riesling as an “aromatic white variety that can produce wines ranging in style from bone-dry to very sweet.” Ask your private chef to prepare a dinner that may be light to rich in flavor. Add a dessert that can be tart to sweet because these are best paired with Riesling. This white variant has a citrus taste from green apple, beeswax, and guava. This makes it the most versatile that complements these flavors.

The best Rieslings are mostly produced in Germany but it is also being enjoyed in France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada now. Washington, Oregon, and New York in the US, on the other hand, are now becoming known for their vintages of this wine variant.

Spanish Albariño

The Spanish Albariño is made from Albariño grapes that have thick skin, making it difficult to produce. These white grapes are typically grown close to the sea. This is why it has a salty taste accompanied with citrus, melon and mineral notes. It is also mixed with apricot or peach.

Spain and Portugal, which introduced this wine they call Alvarinho, are the largest producers of this variant. Places like California, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and selected areas in Pennsylvania seem to love its flavor too, and they also started producing Albariño wines. 

Rosé Wine

If you are into sweet wines, Rosé wine is for you. It is produced from a variety of grapes that give it a sweet taste. In fact, you can enjoy it with your favorite sunset wherever you are because it is being sold around the world. Because of the variety of grapes used and the fermentation process, Rosé wine’s flavor greatly varies as well. 

The largest production of Rosé wines is found in Provence, France but Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, and New York, California, and Virginia states in the US also started producing Rosé.

Pinot Noir

If you are not into wine but want to finally try it, you may want to begin with Pinot Noir. It has the fruity flavors of cherry, strawberry and other ripe berries accompanied with forest flavors of oak and pine. It also has a notable taste of clove, vanilla, chocolate, and mushroom. 

The flavors of Pinot Noir appeal to most beginners and even wine experts. It is easy to pair with any food types that your private chef suggests. The best thing is it can even be enjoyed alone. Burgundy in France is the primary producer of Pinot Noir and was later adopted by California, Oregon, and Washington in the US. 

Italian Barbera

Italian barbera has a notable taste of various berries, such as blackberry, raspberry, and cherry mixed with additional kicks of herbs, licorice, and vanilla. It is called the “people’s wine” because, unlike other wines that are only served during special occasions, Barbera is considered an everyday stunner. 

It has a dark color, full of body but light taste. The high acidity and low tannin that this wine has make it more perfect with summer foods.


Whether you’re an occasional or expert wine drinker, you cannot deny that wines are one of the best gifts that you received from nature. Aside from it tastes delightful, it also has a lot of health benefits when consumed moderately. Add some adventure to your summer by trying out the wine options we’ve shared above while enjoying new cuisines. 

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Published By Michael Casciello