3 of the Best Tips for Grilling This Summer

The summer season is finally here! Most people would want to spend this season working on their tan, surfing on the beach, or traveling to a much colder climate to avoid the grueling heat. These are all good decisions; after all, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to having a good time. But as good as they may be, they would be missing out on one of the most fulfilling activities of the summer—grilling. Here’s our best tips for grilling this summer.

Everyone loves backyard barbecues. May it be veggies, meat, or seafood, you name it—people will always have an appetite for well-grilled delicacies. In such a case, you may be tempted to invite your friends over for an afternoon of char-grilled delights; however, you’ve just realized that you haven’t even grilled for quite some time now, rusting your ability and skills to come up with a delicious meal.

No worries—we have a couple of tips that may help you get back on track and grill out some great-tasting food for your guests.

Oil Up Your Grill Rack

Before putting raw meat or fish on the grill, you should oil up its rack first. The thing about raw ingredients is that they tend to stick to the grill rack often, making it harder to clean afterward. 

Oil it thoroughly to be able to pull out the delicacies with ease. The oil itself may also assist in speeding up the grilling process too.

Choose Your Burner

Which would you prefer: charcoal or gas? 

There has been much discussion as to whether or not any of them would actually improve the taste of the food. For some, meat cooked on charcoal is better, while gas is still the way to go for others. Nonetheless, it is all a matter of preference! Try out different techniques using both on separate occasions, try to feel out the taste, and ask your guests as well on what they think worked out better.

Now, if one of your guests happens to be a health buff, you may choose gas, as charcoal emits carbon monoxide during the grilling process and some trace amounts of soot on the food. But again, this is all conditional and will always depend on the preference of the person doing the grilling.

Marinate the Raw Ingredients the Night Before

Don’t just put them on the grill right off the bat! It takes time to make a great-tasting delicacy, including the process of marinating it to add to its taste. As with any masterpiece, the process for it to fully develop takes time, and if you were to invest ample amounts of it in your ingredients, you could expect your guests to experience a meal unlike any other.


Grilling out for the summer may seem like an easy task, but it actually requires time, effort, and a little bit of luck in order to come up with something delicious. Take time to plan out the meals, look up some of the best recipes for a grilled delicacy, and order a fine bottle of wine to add to its taste. Remember, it’s not about the grill; it’s all about the skills of the person behind the grill that would either make or break a great backyard barbecue.

With all of that being said, if you’re still not ready to take on the task of creating something delicious out of your grill, perhaps you may need the help of a private chef in Asheville. We at Food Fire+Knives are your top choice when it comes to providing private chef catering and cooking classes, among others. Contact us for more information! Let us know your favorite tips for grilling this summer in the comments.

Published By Michael Casciello